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Micha Dahan, b. 1971,
Based in Toronro, Ontario, Canada

I make moving images.

I have been fortunate enough to film in a variety of environments around the world on projects ranging from documentaries

to scripted dramas; from commercials to

music videos and experimental films.

Formally educated at Toronto’s Ryerson Polytechnic University, I spent several years as a camera and lighting technician. This experience has allowed me to effectively translate ideas to screen. 

As well as shooting, I also direct music videos

and make other kinds of visual art,

including photography, live visuals, and

interactive installations.

Sometimes I invent new rigs and techniques.

Among them are the Dynamic Rig (360° spinning camera rig), The Theremin Controlled Cymatic Display and  The Analog Interactive

Video-Feedback Generator. 


"It is good to come together for the purpose

of co-creating..."

Feel free to get in touch and say hi.


Features include:   

 This Beautiful City (dir-Ed Gass-Donelly)

 BLUR (dir-George D’Amato)
Bed of the Dead (dir-Jeff Maher)


Documentary projects include:  

Payday (Vice)

Anything but Average (CBC)

Docu-dramas include:   

Mayday / Air Crash Investigations,

See No Evil, Cold Blood,

Urban Legends, Motives and Murders,

Fear Thy Neighbor, Karma’s A Bitch,

World’s Strangest, Air Aces

Fantastic Plastic Brain, Masterminds,

 Faces of the Bible

Miracles Decoded.

Over the years I've DIR/DOP'd

many music videos and I have twice 

been nominated for Juno Awards.

Artists include:   

Big Wreck, Our Lady Peace,

Serena Ryder, Finger Eleven,

The Sheepdogs, The Reason,

Royal Wood, Breaking Benjamin,

I Mother Earth.

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